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With licence no. 0093 from the Department of Customs and Special Duties, we process vehicle ownership and registration. We issue the business diesel card for use at our service station.

Pre-payment card

The pre-payment card allows you to fill up with fuel at any time, any day of the year.

· The card can be charged with whatever sum you like, either in cash or, if you have an account open with the Credit Section, you can make a telephone transfer. You can also do it directly to the administration section, Agricultural section and Weighing.

· The balance you have can be checked every time you put the card in the payment terminal and select a dispenser; the sum in ? indicates the balance available. The advantage of this system is that the risk you run in the case of loss or theft is only the balance you have on the card at the time.

· The system allows multiple cards, so if you have 2 or more cars you can have one card for each, using the same balance.

· At the end of the month, members have the option to receive an invoice at home with the details of the charges made during the month, with the corresponding VAT.

· Customer care line 973 580000

· Recharging cards.
· Freezing lost cards.
· Incidents or notifications.

· Ask for your card at the cooperative's offices and we will give it to you there and then.

Business Diesel Card

As an issuing body for business diesel cards, authorised with number 0093 by the Department of Customers and Special Duties, we can offer professional hauliers all the services they require, both for processing their company's registration as a beneficiary and for any vehicle registrations and cards they may require.

· With our system, the sum supplied for each registration will be directly notified to the Department of Customers and Special Duties so that you can receive your premium on time.

· At the end of the month you will have a detailed invoice including every occasion when you have filled up with diesel.

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